Railroad Barbecue has announced that they are shuttering their old timey barbecue joint in Manchaca (est.1981) and if that news wasn’t bad enough, they are also closing down their Kyle location.

When we lived in South Austin, Railroad saw plenty of our brisket and fried potatoes money. No shortcuts from the Sherrill Family on those fries that we repeatedly declared to be the finest in Travis County.

Handcut, fried twice and served hot as blazes. Here’s a memo from the family on the closure including information on their last few days of business:

After considerable thought and deliberation and due to circumstances beyond our control, the Railroad Bar-B-Que Family has decided to close its Manchaca and Kyle locations, effective Monday April 21, 2014. Our last day open for business will be Easter Sunday, April 20, 2014.

It is with great sadness and much thought and deliberation that we have come to this conclusion. Four generations of the Sherrill Family have been involved with Railroad Bar-B-Que. Our family and our employees have put in many hours, hard work, blood, sweat and tears into our restaurants. So much more than a business, Railroad Bar-B-Que has been a home for us and for our customers (many of whom have become our friends). Some of our original customers still come to Railroad Bar-B-Que today, over 32 years later.

We had planned to keep the Manchaca location open, but for the past several months, the Travis County Fire Marshal has demanded, through threats of fines and closure, that we make the Manchaca building adhere to the fire codes that were adopted in 2005. However, the law specifically states that any building established prior to 2005 is exempt from the new fire codes. Manchaca was built in 1981, which makes us exempt.

The costs we would be forced to pay to ensure our building meets the Fire Marshal’s demands are more than can possibly be justified.

And to add to the Fire Marshal’s threats, the lessor of the property Manchaca sits on has not agreed to extend our 32-year-old lease agreement, and has instead decided to sell the property and speak with us only through an attorney. These two issues combined have left us with no other viable options but to close our Manchaca location.

Regarding our Kyle location, since the recent re-location of the service road and a change in traffic patterns in Kyle, our Kyle location has seen a significant loss in sales, despite all of our best efforts.

The heart and soul of Railroad Bar-B-Que will never die. You can still get our great BBQ at our Dripping Springs location and our catering operation is still alive and well and open for business. Also, be on the lookout for new Railroad Bar-B-Que locations coming to a neighborhood near you.

We sincerely wish to thank all of our customers, new and old… as well our “regulars” (you know who you all are) for their love, loyalty, friendship and appreciation of excellent BBQ. We have come to think of you as a part of our family.

We also want to thank all of our employees, past and present, especially our current and long-time employees, as they are also suffering with us through this difficult process.

We hope each and every one of you have time to come by this week and say hello and goodbye, talk about the old times and have the best BBQ around.

We will leave on a happy note and spend it with our friends and family and excellent BBQ. Come on by. We’ll be there.

Railroad Bar-B-Que/The Sherrill Family

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