This site began its life as a recipe database before morphing into a powerhouse of barbecue reviews, taco ramblings, food obituaries, dive bar reports and analyses of other food writers’ work.

But recipes are evergreen, and they still drive the lion’s share of traffic to this blog. Without further ado, here are the ten most popular recipes in the history of the site: 1) One of the first articles we ever posted and the most popular recipe we ever penned. How To Make Pork Stock (originally published March 4th 2010) link

2) We channeled the spirit of Frank X. Tolbert and authored a sublime, and rigid constructionist formula for Texas Red Chili (originally published November 18th 2009) link

3) We love eggs and you do too. We eat them seven days a week in a million different ways but at the end of the day scrambled is how we like them best. A Guide to Making the Best Scrambled Eggs You Will Ever Put in Your Mouth (Originally published July 17th 2010) link

4) The definitive recipe for King Ranch Casserole (Sorry Homesick Texan) Cut and Shoot, Texas King Ranch Casserole Recipe (Originally published February 23rd 2010) link

5) Appalachia is where we honed our chops in the kitchen and this list would not be complete without an authoritative recipe for the Kentucky classic soup beans (Originally published July 18th 2010) link

6) The best fried chicken recipe ever put to print by mortal man (Originally published November 26th 2009) link

7) A bit of an outlier; our recipe for South Carolina Chicken Bog (Originally published July 24th 2011) link

8) A Guide To Making The Best Chicken Salad You Will Ever Put In Your Mouth (Originally published March 22nd 2011) link

9) Slow,Difficult Recipes Part I: Agata’s Lasagna (Originally published January 21st 2010) link

10) The Don Juan Breakfast Taco from Juan In A Million recipe (Originally published October 7th 2011) link only much, much better.

You could open a restaurant using these formulae and immediately have one of the best cafes in USA.

Think about it: Pork stock as the backbone of all the dishes. Big bowls of Texas Red chili, blue plates of luxurious scrambled eggs, tureens filled with soup beans, platters piled high with pluperfect fried chicken, plates of chicken bog, sandwiches stuffed with chicken salad, giant hunks of lasagna, and foil wrappers filled with bacon, egg and cheese Tex Mex breakfast tacos.

bonus: 11) The Fried Baloney Sandwich (Originally published June 7th 2010) link

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