Making the perfect hard boiled egg starts with one simple trick: use old eggs. You can accomplish this via shopping at a store that doesn’t turn their stock over frequently or by purchasing the eggs 10-14 days in advance of cooking day. Why are antique eggs superior to fresh? As the egg matures, its PH rises which causes the inner membrane to separate from the albumen (the egg white) Since the biggest pain in the ass of egg-boiling cookery is the part where you peel them, old eggs make this task significantly easier.


1. Rinse eggs under lukewarm tap water.

2. Bring a kettle of water to a boil.

3. Lower eggs into the boiling water.

4. Once water is back to a gentle boil set timer for 8 minutes for perfect hard boiled status

5. At 8 minute mark remove kettle from burner and pour out the water

6. Fill kettle with running water to cool the eggs while shaking kettle to lightly crack eggs

7. Allow cracked eggs to sit in the cool water for about 8 minutes

8. Peel

Cooking notes:

Always start the cook with boiling water

Always use old eggs

Always lightly crack the shells after cooking

Following these methods will yield a hassle-free, perfectly cooked, easy to peel, hard boiled egg

  1. kyle hildebrant: Prepping 72 hard-boiled eggs for various deviled eggs. For the perfect hard boiled egg: 1 min at boiling (212F), then transfer to second bath for 9 minutes at 175-180F. Transfer to ice bath. Chill for 30m. Then in cooler overnight. Crack all over and peel under running water. Best boiled egg. Easiest to peel.

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