The gals over at Forks Up segue off the fine dining trail and eat at Stiles Switch Barbecue

Ginny Bell! has a food events round up for y’all Katie’s got to be the only blogger with the balls to tackle the new Jalapeno Cheddar biscuit from Whataburger and we love the video embed where’s she’s washing her biscuit down with a Jack and Coke.

Ane Urquiola Alberu aka Hungry Girl Austin eats like a bear coming out of a winter slumber. She. Can’t. Be. Stopped. Lenoir report

One of the best pics of fried chicken (from Gus’) we’ve ever seen courtesy of Natalie Paramore

Last week’s: The Best Austin Texas Food Blogs: Blackbird And Henry, Titaya’s, La V, Salty Sow, Nobel Sandwich

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