For the past five years, Once Over Coffee Bar in South Austin has been our favorite coffee shop in central Texas.

We go here for perfect Americanos, a soundtrack featuring plenty X, and Jason and the Scorchers and the friendliest baristas in Austin.

They also happen to be deadly serious about their beans. So serious, they’ve decided to open their own coffee roaster with partner Clancy Rose, a major player in the Texas craft bean roasting scene. At the roaster’s physical location on the verdant plains of Round Rock, there will be an espresso machine so that potential commercial accounts can participate in cuppings to determine which beans they will be purchasing. Some time in the future, the public will be allowed access as well.

Can Wild Gift knock Anderson’s Coffee, the king since the 70s, off their throne?

That remains to be seen, but we’re predicting big things from these insurgents.

Austin is awash in coffee roasters: Flat Track, Third Coast, Ruta Maya, Texas Coffee Traders…the list goes on. With over 100 coffee shops in town there’s plenty room at the top for folks who take the trade seriously

Folks like Clancy Rose and Rob and Jenee Ovitt.

field report from Once Over

and a big food party you should know about

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