We think not.

Christine McVie has not toured with Fleetwood Mac in 15 years, but now, with a major artistic threat (Bridget Dunlap’s Stevie Nicks cover band) looming on the horizon, McVie has announced plans to rejoin her old bandmates. We imagine once Lindsey Buckingham got word that Dunlap was gathering a team of ace players together, and shaking out an epic set of Nicks’ covers he was burning up the phone lines to McVie begging and pleading for her to re-sign before Dunlap could steal Fleetwood Mac’s thunder.

It may be too little too late.

What if Dunlap decides to take her Lustre Pearl Band on the road and contra-books in the same cities that Fleetwood Mac’s going to play this Fall?

Would Fleetwood Mac’s fans remain true or would they shift their allegiance to Dunlap and her pack of world beaters?

Has anyone ever heard Dunlap sing?

It’s almost certainly nothing like a basset hound with his balls caught in a lawnmower.

There’s one way to find out. Go to Lustre Pearl Saturday March 29th 2014 and judge for yourself.

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