Two and a half minutes of footage from a video street team that was on the ground after the tragedy at Mohawk during SXSW. Rashad Charjuan Owens, 22, of Killeen has been identified as the driver of the vehicle responsible for the tragedy.

Biographical info on Mr. Owens

Searching for the soul of SXSW via David Carr w/ Manny Fernandez from Houston. David Montgomery and Jenna Wortham contributed reporting from Austin with Timothy Williams from New York.

Jamie Ranae West is dead

Steven Craenmehr is dead

Austin police chief Art Acevedo speaking on SXSW in the wake of loss of life: “If you were to cancel events, it would be a victory for evil,”

“SXSW 2014 back in party mode after tragedy”,0,4460488.story#ixzz2vulh7K3b

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