ABGB will level South Austin on Saturday March 15th 2014 as they hold a release party for Blakkr, a collaborative brew from Three Floyds, Surly Brewing and Real Ale.

Blakkr is an old Norse word for “dark” or “black” and given the pedigrees of the men involved, highly appropriate.

Unfortunately, Greg Haugen of Surly will not be bringing his godhead metal outfit Powermad down from Minnesota for the party. You may remember them from their star turn as Nic Cage’s backing band in Wild At Heart.

Not to fear. There will be plenty deafening metal to fuel the wingding

12:20- Giant of the Mountain

1:20- Canyon of the Skull (featuring Erik Ogershok from Real Ale)

2:20- Widower

3:20- Vulgaari (featuring Todd Haug from Surly)

4:20- Lions of Tsavo

5:20- Krigsgrav

Blakkr is described as being a Imperial black ale that is, according to Haug “black as the sky on a moonless night”

It is being made at each of the respective breweries involved in the project. In Austin we can expect to see 4 packs of cans hit the market in mid-March.[mappress mapid=”54″]



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