At the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo World Bar-B-Que championship you would think that the brisket category winner would be the de facto Grand Champion. You would be wrong.

At the 2014 edition of the event, chicken helped bring home the ultimate prize.


The Fayette County Go Texan team brought home first in the brisket segment but that was only good enough for first runner up overall.

BBQ Commanders 3 were deemed Grand Champion. No word on how Commanders 1 and 2 fared.

In the ribs portion of the event, Tejas Cookers 2 claimed top honors.

Hard to figure why there was no sausage portion of the contest. In the old meat parlors of the Texas of the 1800s, sausage was the star of the show, and had an enormous head start on other meats. Nowadays, we’re seeing young upstarts like Tom Micklethwait scrapping to the top of the Texas barbecue heap by making a variety of handmade links.

We don’t even bother going to joints that aren’t producing their own hot guts these days. We are spoiled for the good stuff, and can’t be trifling with factory product anymore.

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