It’s been a long time coming. As in, over a century, but the University of Texas athletic program has formally announced plans to allow the sales of alcohol at Longhorn sporting events.

As of right this minute, you can only purchase alcohol on campus at: the University of Texas Club in DKR, the Cactus Cafe in the Student Union, and the Blanton Museum of Art (source: Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission.) Tonight UT will usher in a new era with beer sales at the Frank Erwin Center for the lady Longhorns basketball game.

How appropriate. Frank Erwin’s laissez faire approach towards students doing what they wanted, when they wanted, still resonates decades after his death. The man’s love and peace demeanor back in the Austin of the 60s and 70s is legendary.

We only wish he was still with us so he could do a keg stand at the arena that bears his name, after which we’re certain he’d buy the house a round. Truly, he was a model of forbearance.

So, what to expect at Frank Erwin Center tonight. This is just an educated guess but we reckon there will be dozens of firkins lining the counters of the nacho and pizza kiosks in the building. Jester King, Lone Pint, Saint Arnold, Community Brewing and a host of other breweries will almost certainly be there with commemorative glassware to hand out as the bungs are plundered and hundreds of cask ale pints are poured.

Moving forward, expect tie-ins with local brewers this Fall as DKR turns into one giant beer hall. We expect to see the Live Oak logo on the massive scoreboard in the stadium as well as UT co-branding all their home games with Hops and Grains, Austin Beer Works and/or Independence Brewing.

It’s a new day in Austin. A day when InBev products are shunned and craft beer gets a spot on the main stage of University of Texas athletics.

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