It’s starting to look like Chef Zack Northcutt’s getting the ass-end of the deal at Swift’s Attic’s Dine With Swine pig party this Sunday March 2nd 2014.

Check out the chart on the attached illustration. Shannon and Erik Duffy founded Tender Belly Farms back in 2010. They were on a mission to provide pastured, humanely-raised pork to Denver, Arizona, Las Vegas and San Diego restaurateurs.

Tender Belly is based in the Mile High City but uses farmers scattered across Iowa. Each farm that’s in the brother’s portfolio is raising less than 100 pigs. That’s tiny, as many commercial pork operations control droves numbering well into the thousands.

Breed? Berkshire which also sometimes goes by the name Kurobuta.

The brothers started Tender Belly with $600 and list of contacts in the industry.

We have no idea how they got plugged into Swift’s Attic nor do we care. The high octane kitchen at Swift’s needs no introduction to our readers. Chefs Mat Clouser and Northcutt are flat killing it in downtown Austin; packing more flavor into their plates than 99% of kitchens city-wide.

Event: Dine With Swine

Time: Sunday March 2nd 2014 at 6pm

Place: Swift’s Attic

Cost: $75

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