North By Northwest Brewery/Restaurant has been quietly vending hamburgers and pints of beer in Northwest Austin for seemingly forever. Now, they’re preparing to open a new venture in southwest Austin at Parkside Village smack in the middle of Circle C Ranch.

They’re going to need a geographically appropriate name. We humbly submit a surefire winner: South By Southwest Restaurant And Brewery.

It has a certain ring to it, and the magnanimous folks at the music fest of the similar marque would almost certainly not have a problem with the idea.

After all, numerous “fill in the blank”x Southwest businesses have sprung up over the years with nary a peep out of the Austin Chronicle folks who run the music fest.

Non-litigious, generous to a fault and just happy to help; South By Southwest Inc. long ago recognized that their branding was up for grabs for any industrious business types who felt like using “by Southwest” for any number of promotions.

Community minded.

It’s not every day that a new restaurant can come out of the gates hot like Hades with a killer brand attached to their concept, and we’re looking forward to visiting South By Southwest Restaurant and Brewery when they fling their doors open later this year.

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