vermicelliWe’re on another Vietnamese kick. From time to time we take a break from the sausage making, chili simmering, and rib smoking to venture into another, non-Texas part of the culinary world.

Lately we’ve been spending a lot of time in Vietnam. With a cupboard full of Red Boat fish sauce what in the Hell else were we supposed to do? After feeding nearly 200 people a big plate of bap cai (Vietnamese cabbage) recently we’ve been knee-deep in Vietnamese cuisine research.

Last night in the Scrumptious kitchen we knocked another one out of the park.

Vietnamese Roasted Pork With Vermicelli And Charred Green Onions aka Bún Th?t N??ng (bastardized rendition)


1 lb Pork, shoulder, cut into strips

3 T. Fish Sauce, Red Boat

2 T. Lemongrass, minced

2 T. Garlic, minced

2 T. Soy Sauce, Bluegrass is the best brand we’ve ever found

1 T. Pepper, black, cracked

1 T. Honey

1 c. Water, municipal

1 bunch Onions, green, giant


* Combine all ingredients minus the green onions, place in ziplock and store in fridge overnight

* Build hardwood fire in grill or smoker

* Grill marinated meat over hardwood fire, make sure the fire licks the meat

* Grill green onions over hardwood fire, really char those onions

* Remove meat and onions, place in large bowl

Ingredients for fideo

7 oz Fideo, a common sized packet

2 quarts Stock, chicken

1 12 oz can tomatoes, diced


* Cook fideo in chicken stock

* Add diced tomatoes

* Add char grilled pork and green onion (chopped)

Is this traditional Vietnamese cooking? Probably not. Is it delicious? Most definitely. Garnish your bowl of fideo noodles with plenty fresh chopped mint and a sprinkling of crushed peanuts.

Any Muslims or Jews reading? Substitute chicken thighs for the pork and stay well within your religion’s food boundaries.

Bon Appetit y’all

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