Nearly 17 years. A lifetime has went by since we got turned on to craft beer via the good men of Live Oak Brewing. Since that fateful year we’ve seen the Texas craft beer industry achieve escape velocity with dozens of new breweries popping up around the Great State. Are we at critical mass? Not by a long shot. We popped into a ghetto quick mart near the Scrumptious house last night and they had a Goose Island display right next to the normal beers they vend on an hourly basis.

Room for growth.

God I wish we would’ve had this when I was in culinary school – a microbrewery on campus. link

Over in Houston, Mayor Annise Parker announced the debut of a new festival: Big Brew is coming In October of this year. Parker claims that there will be 200 Texas craft brewers at the party. Interesting given that there are not currently that many breweries in the state. link

Scary to think that the city of San Diego has almost the number of craft breweries found in the entire state of Texas

Sierra Nevada is the seventh-largest brewery in the country, here’s why link

Some of the best craft beer in the Americas is coming out of Mexico. link We’ve staggered out of many a cantina at 6 in the morning drunk as hell on Tecate Light so it’s gratifying to hear that our southern neighbor is starting to brew the good stuff.

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