This past weekend we sold out of both of our house-made sausages: the Texas hot guts and the alligator boudin. We consulted with our boudin expert over in Lafayette, Louisiana and he informed us that even after a life on the western prairies of the Bayou state he’d never sampled a gator version. With gator running $15 a pound in Austin it’s unlikely you’ll see these links on any menus around town anytime soon. 57 year old sausage kiosk reopens Featured in the popular Tatort detective series.

The art of charcuterie and its Cajun cousin, the boucherie great article by Marcelle Bienvenu over in New Orleans

A sausage 118″ long and weighing 220lbs

America’s Test Kitchen penned an article titled “The only sausage guide you will ever need” and they left off Texas Hot Guts. Fucking bunch of yankees.


Illustration above is a group of villagers in Europe parading around a massive sausage.

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