Ishmael Mohammed Jr, the world’s fastest, fast food order taker- 246 sales at Wendy’s in the Texas Union in 30 minutes-is homeless, and needs a hand.

A former icon in the Austin food industry-Junior, as he is known-was the subject of a documentary by UT alum Stephen Stephanian that screened at SXSW way back in 2005.

It’s riveting. Even as a devout non-eater of fast food, I was sufficiently moved to immediately journey to Wendy’s to meet the man, shake his hand and eat a bag of mediocre chow from Wendy’s.

Junior is now homeless. The vagaries of fortune being what they are Junior quit his job at Wendy’s and moved back home to New York in 2012. The move did not go well and now he is back in Austin and living on the streets.

Chip in a few bucks and help Junior get back in the game.

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