We knew it would happen eventually. Our love for Fiesta Mart is well documented; a good 90% of our grocery dollars have been spent there weekly since the 90s.

But if we wanted top flight beef steaks, grown in Texas, for our backyard cookouts we had to look elsewhere.

Not anymore. On an afternoon ramble through the meat case last week we spotted some insanely thick, and fat-marbled, ribeye steaks. Fiesta has always had ribeyes but nothing like these beauties which easily weighed over 20 ounces apiece.

We soon wrangled a store manager who explained to us that Fiesta has become the exclusive seller of Go Texan-certified Lone Star Legacy beef out of Cactus, Texas.

What is that?

The Go Texan label is reserved for products (like beef) raised or made in the Great State. We spent a few minutes on their website and there are hundreds of products carrying the marque.

Texas proud.

We’re dry-aging a monster of a ribeye from Fiesta in the fridge right now and will report back in 2 weeks once we wrestle it off the smoker.

photo courtesy Fiesta Mart.

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