A pallor was cast over the chili community in Rockne Texas last weekend as the grand championship of the big Old Red Rock Schoolhouse Cook-off went unclaimed. You had to be present at the winners announcement and the grand champion was missing in action.

We’re thinking narcotraficantes played a role but this is just an estimate. On the other hand, where was Paul Burka last weekend? That guys got a problem with chili.


Paul Burka.

Cecilia Stroessner ascended to the throne with her second place rendition.

Tom Rowe came in 3rd.

Our Texas chili future is secure as the junior category championship was captured by Elisabeth Stroessner. Molly Carriger was hot on her heels in 2nd.

J. D. Henley of Midland, Texas won the barbecue portion of the cook-off.

The Art And Science Of Chili http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/The-Art-And-Science-Of-Chili

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