Has it really been a year and a half since our last installment in this ongoing series? This is not a best of; it’s more of a “these are the blogs that we are currently enjoying” At any rate here’s part three Is it any wonder we’re leading off with http://forksupblog.com/ they won our annual best food blog in Austin award for 2013, and they’re not letting off the gas this year either. Tons of restaurant reviews and recipes. Exactly what we’re looking for as we dawdle our lives away on the internet.

http://madbetty.com/ doesn’t just write about food. But we’re not going to hold that against her. You can feel the energy this Texas wild woman has for life vibrating off your laptop screen.

http://frommaggiesfarm.blogspot.com/ is another good one. Margaret Christine publishes excellent recipes (she makes insanely good salsa) and gardening tips and sprinkles the pages of her blog with some fine photography. Watermarked, albeitly, but fine nonetheless.

http://www.southaustinfoodie.com/ is one of our favorites. Primarily a restaurant review site, the author also puts up the occasional recipe as well as regular food news round-ups that put the Chronicle to shame.

http://brisketman.com/ keeps a running commentary on the Central Texas barbecue scene with the occasional foray into coffee or some other bit of non-smoked meat arcana. The man behind the site also recently published a fine guide on Austin barbecue.

http://thesmokingho.blogspot.com/ is yet another in the now-crowded, barbecue blog landscape. Austin’s still aways off from reaching critical mass in barbecue joints and The Smoking Ho helps us make sense of it all.

www.fedmanwalking.com not really a blog but definitely a site worth your attention. An old pensioner makes his way around town placing his laser-like focus on one food group (eggs!) and then writes non-stop about it.

www.fullandcontent.com is taking a bit of a hiatus as the site undergoes a serious overhaul. We’re expecting big things from this blogger in 2014.

http://www.svacinaproject.blogspot.com/ is the voice of Dawn Orsak, a blogger who is documenting the Czech diaspora in Texas. If you love kolaches and other Czech foodways then this site is indispensable.

http://whatareyoudrinking.net/ is not a food blog, but we like a good nip every now and again so we felt like including it. Author Matt McGinnis speaks on the wine and liquor scene in Austin breaking down the industry happenings and posting the odd cocktail recipe.

Your blog is missing? It’s probably on either part one or part two of this series.

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