Hank Shaw, woodsman, hunter, cook, writer-bon vivant, is set to pop up this Monday January 27th at Foreign and Domestic in North Austin.

Shaw’s cookbooks: Hunt, Gather, Cook, and Duck, Duck Goose are indispensable for anyone interested in wild game cookery.

His blog: Hunter, Angler, Gardener, Cook is a wild ride through the mind of a former newspaperman who threw off the yoke of the industry and struck out on his own, and with great success.

Here’s a gem off Shaw’s website: Speaking on the value of hunting and fishing guides “if you are an inexperienced shot, let the guide know. I have no problem with a 250- to 300-yard shot with my Remington 700, provided I can get a decent rest. But that’s a quite the poke for some people, a chip shot for others.”

Quite the poke.

Hope to see y’all out this Monday.

Foreign And Domestic

306 E 53rd St, Austin, TX 78751

(512) 459-1010

Scrumptious Chef Restaurant Pop Up #14 https://www.facebook.com/events/598679046872885/

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