It’s planting time in the Brooksdale neighborhood that Scrumptious Chef calls home. While it’s easy enough to run by Family Dollar, and get shopping carts filled with dirt cheap seeds, we’re taking a path less traveled for our home gardening. That’s where Off Grid comes into play.

We recently stumbled upon their online resource for hard to find, organic, heirloom and non gmo seeds.

They break the US down state by state with hundreds of seed companies doing business the old fashioned way.

In Kentucky for instance, they hotlink to an incredible resource for old timey beans, tomatoes, gourds and what have you.

With most of our readership in Texas we quickly vectored in on a company that has bushel baskets filled with hard to find seeds like Aroid Devil’s Tongue Voodoo Lily, Black Beauty Pansy, and Elephant Trunk Chile Peppers.

Here’s the hot link

Now get out there and do some planting and report back.

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