We took last year off on our yearly barbecue prognostications. You’d have to go all the way back to the golden era of 2012 to glean our futuristic pearls of wisdom.

The one augury we’re most proud of was our prediction of the rise of young buck pit bosses working out of food trucks saying (they will) “soon find themselves surrounded by mountains of blow, Chilean supermodels, and writers from New York City pounding the keys and feting their efforts.” Tom Micklethwait did in fact report to the main stage. And let’s not forget Chase Palmer at Blue Ox or Bill Kerlin at his eponymous bbq truck.

We’re expecting a check in the mail from the Austin Chronicle any day now.

Steve Raichlen’s appearance may be off-putting, but the guy definitely knows his meat. His Summer 2012 appearance at the Bob Bullock museum here in Austin was a master class on the history of smoked meat.

Now he’s looking toward the future. On his Barbecue Bible website Raichlen peers into 2014 and likes what he sees in the world of smoke and fire. Our favorite of his predictions is the rise of the “really big steak.” Like the 42 ounce behemoth at Chi Spacca restaurant in Los Angeles.

Our least favorite? Vegetable barbecue. It may or may not taste good; we don’t care; we just don’t want vegetables polluting our palate when it comes time to feast on barbecue-flesh, meat, protein. Not fucking vegetables.

Read Raichlen’s article http://barbecuebible.com/2014/01/17/better-late-never-predictions-barbecue-2014/#.Utrxh7RMHIU

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