Two of the rock stars of the contemporary African American foodways scene are teaming up to throw a food party at the French Legation museum.

We’ve written extensively about Toni Tipton Martin. She’s the blogger behind The Jemima Code, and the founder of the Sande Youth Project, a non-profit program that teaches healthy living for young people through cooking and education concerning the importance of nutrition in daily living. She’s also the former president of Southern Foodways Alliance board of directors as well as being a founder of Foodways Texas.

And she’s a hell of a cook.

Michael Twitty is the engine that drives the terrific Afroculinaria blog but that’s just a small fraction of his life in food. He’s a chef of the highest calibre and a leading authority on ancient foodways; particularly the foodways of slaves in 19th century America.

Twitty tours the country putting on cooking demonstrations using techniques of century’s past. We can only imagine how this man’s going to roast that pig but we’re betting stone, flint and big piles of wood will be involved.

Buy your tickets now folks, these won’t last

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