Looking back over a year of vigorously covering the Austin food scene, one thing becomes clear: We’re living in a golden age. Along with Scrumptious Chef, dozens of Austin food blogs are clamoring at the trough with constant updates on the Central Texas food scene.

Our weekly feature on the cream of the crop of Austin food writing regularly draws three to five thousand visitors curious as to who we reckon is putting out the hottest content. We scrutinized 10 of our favorites, some homespun-some corporate, for this year-end review, and we easily could’ve considered another dozen or so. While it’s certainly true that the bubble will eventually burst, right now it appears that the apogee of food blogging in Austin has yet to be reached.

But only one reigns supreme.

Eater Austin drew heavy criticism prior to the current reign of Meghan McCarron as the site had devolved into the same ol same ol reportage on a half dozen moneyed Austin chefs whose PR teams worked round the clock ensuring that their charges stayed in the public eye.

McCarron has a more democratic approach, and has boosted the credibility of the site considerably by writing about underdog food trucks, off the beaten path barbecue joints, and cooks whose only concern is putting out great food; not shipping out press releases.

Our love for the gals at Forks Up blog is well documented. We featured them dozens of times in our weekly “best of” round-ups as these bloggers put out a nice mix of evergreen content (recipes!) as well as more topical articles like restaurant reviews.

When we’re curious about a new restaurant, this is the first site we head to as the ladies over that way eat out A LOT. When they’re not foraging for new restaurants, they’re drinking plenty booze as the site has a feature called “It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere” wherein they document local cocktails, and regularly post drink recipes.

We reckon they’re either drunk or well fed 24/7.

The site is not perfect. Often times photos are blurry, but when we need world class food photography we sit back and scroll through http://foiegrashotdog.blogspot.com/ Nobody in Austin takes pictures like those folks.

Eater Austin and Forks Up each have their charms. Eater is topical, topical, topical. It’s blogging popcorn, you wolf it down and soon enough you’re hungry for more. Forks Up is a more stick to the ribs style. Each have their charms but at the end of the year there can be only one and we’re calling Forks Up the best food blog in Austin in 2013.



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