We were not expecting the runaway success of this feature. Yes, craft beer is enjoying an extended moment in the sun, but our first segment in this ongoing series skyrocketed in page views, so we humbly offer another entry. A question we field regularly regards how to score rare beers. Rare as in hard to find in Texas. It’s not that hard but you do have to be willing to travel.

Seek A Brew is a website delineating where craft breweries are shipping their beers. We stumbled upon the site when we were online, and attempting to figure out what sort of beer treasure trove we could expect on an upcoming trip to Kentucky.

Turns out there is plenty Bells Brewery and Three Floyds Brewing in our very near future.

Beers that you can’t get in the great state of Texas.

As you travel around the USA, you may want to tote a spare suitcase with you, so you can stock up on all those rare, regional brews that only distribute 20-30 miles from their brewery. When beer lovers travel to Texas, you can bet your ass they’re heading home with steamer trunks filled with Austin Beer Works, Jester King and whatever other tiny, regional beer maker they hold in esteem.

This site is not perfect but it’s a damn sight better than nothing.

Part One in this series: The Beer Explainer: What Is Cask Ale? link


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