The crew at Scrumptious Chef were, as usual, haggling over the finer points of Austin’s craft beer scene, when the topic of Austin Beerworks’ Sputnik came up.

ABW’s day-in-day-out beers are some of the finest in town. They’re making the pilsners and schwarzbiers that slake our thirst without getting us knee-walking drunk, and they’re doing a swell job at it.

But then they bring out the big guns: like their brute force Russian Imperial Coffee Oatmeal Stout that they’ve dubbed Sputnik, perhaps for its ability to simulate a lunar landing on your beer palate.

It is other-wordly.

The fact that Austin has 2 breweries putting out specialty stouts (512’s 5th Anniversary Imperial being the other) that are as good as any in the USA speaks volumes for where we are in the craft beer pantheon.

Check out the video on Sputnik.

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