Where to buy the best tamales in Central Texas? This is the question we field relentlessly at this time of year.

Go behind the scenes at Tamale House East as the merry band of tamaleras over that way churn out thousands and thousands of some of the finest tamales in Central Texas.

And part one of our Best Tamales In Central Texas series in comments below

  1. Hello mr chef
    wanted to invite you to come out and taste our tamales in coupland, tx.. we opened a little tamales shop now in coupland, we used to be out on hwy 95 at the corner of 95/1660 corner for a long time. you did an article in 2012 about stopping at our truck/tent once and wrote about us. you really liked them then.. i would like to invite you back to our place and try them out again..
    Have a Blessed day..

    thank, Julie 512 791-2295

  2. Good News. Our roadside tamale shop is now a full fledged building in Coupland Texas. It took us a bit of time, but now we have a place we’ve practically built from the ground up. Mom and pop shop in the making. Come out and visit us. And check out our website http://www.marlira.com.
    Julia Campbell, MarLira

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