Who’s up for 125lbs of meat?

Smoked hog meat to be precise. Chef Raymond Tatum’s massive pork injector will be working overtime over the next couple days as he rams home a blend of Sambal chile sauce, salt, brown sugar and a few other secret Asiatic seasonings-straight into a heritage pig via the good butchers at Salt And Time.

Anybody who’s supped at one of Tatum’s pig roasts knows that, outside Louisiana, there is none finer.

Expect big plates of perfectly cooked pig with a host of sides like brussel sprouts, grits and gorgonzola bacon mac and cheese.

Ponder that for a moment: gorgonzola bacon mac and cheese.

Party starts at 5pm on Saturday December 14th 2013, right behind East End Wines.

Dash into East End and ask sommelier Sam what sort of bottle he would recommend pairing with the pig. The man is at the top of the wine game in Austin, and can happily sell you a thirty dollar bottle that will taste like you dropped a hundred.

Hope to see y’all out.

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