Our decade+ span of going out to crowded metal shows in smoky dive bars 7 nights a week has sadly come to an end, but once in a great while we simply must hoist ourselves off the ancient Broyhill sofa, and head downtown to let our devil dogs run free. Just like the old days.

This is not now, nor shall ever be, a music blog, but every now and again we must evangelize for a favored band. We haven’t seen Monster Magnet since that epic night back in the 90s when we drove 300 miles to Atlanta, Georgia to sport our mammoth rhyno horn codpieces, and listen to some ear splitting metal courtesy of New Jersey’s favorite sons: Monster Magnet.

Come out tonight and raise your devil horns with the Scrumptious crew at Red 7.

Tickets: $18

Door: $20

Doors @ 9PM

Outside Stage

Farfisa organ, twin metal guitars and West Virginia Saturday night haircuts

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