From time to time we like to present one of the purveyors that we use for our ongoing pop up restaurant series. Since our Texas Women event is beef heavy, we got in touch with the good butchers at Salt and Time to procure some Certified Angus for our Texas Red Chili and Texas Hot Guts sausage.

In an interview on the Zagat website, Salt and Time owner/butcher Ben Runkle explained Evans Farm thusly: “Ninety percent of our beef is coming from Evans Farm in Proctor, Texas,

They are 100 percent registered Black Angus, and they are primarily raised for their genetics.

When a beef rancher wants to improve the quality of their herd, they buy breeding stock and bull semen from these guys.

We are pretty much the only people buying from them for meat.

The carcasses are dry aged for two weeks before we get them and we dry age them further.

Because we buy whole carcasses, we don’t use any one particular cut for grinding…. We refer to the burger as ‘single origin’ because unlike most ground beef, its all from one animal and butchered right here.”

(ed note: when you buy a pound of ground beef from a standard grocery store that packet may have the meat from a dozen different cows all blended together. Think about that for a second)

I’d venture to say that we’ll have the only menu in Austin on Saturday night (November 16th 2013) featuring Texas Red Chili and Texas Hot Guts sausage made with this caliber beef.

Reserve a seat for our food party at Tamale House East here

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