The most famous Texas food blogger actually lives in New York City. Lisa Fain aka The Homesick Texan has been featured in the New York Times, the Houston Chronicle, Bon Appétit, Gourmet and seemingly every other publication of note in this world.

Beginning in the blog-Paleo era of 2005, Fain quickly caught our attention with a rant against The Darkness (Whole Foods) but we were not hooked until she kicked the site into high gear with painstaking renditions of classic Texas recipes like homemade chili powder, pecan pie, salsa and posole; the king of soups. Here in Austin, we eat a lot of posole. We eat green posole, yellow posole, red posole and probably a few other posoles that we’re not properly recollecting right now. Our gold standard is a tomatilla base with a ton of charred, green Hatch chiles, but for our Let Us Now Praise Texas Women pop up, we’re leaving that formula in the binder and going with Lisa Fain’s recipe.

We secured a couple giant, Berkshire ham hocks from Jack Gilmore over at Jack Allen’s Kitchen earlier this week, and will be running up to Fiesta as the event approaches to grab a family pack of dried red New Mexico chiles. As is our custom we’ll be using a goodly chunk of heritage pork; Red Wattle Hog from Salt and Time.

Heritage pork takes any recipe straight to the stratosphere.

Hope y’all can make it out on Sat Nov 16th 2013 at Tamale House East. We’re honoring Ms. Fain, Lady Bird Johnson, Zephyr Wright and a host of other Texas women the only way we know how: by cooking a groaning board full of food, and inviting everybody we know to help us celebrate our good lives in Texas.


Lisa Fain photo by Jan Cobsmall

We’re certain that our readership already has Ms Fain’s blog bookmarked, but if not, please immediately correct that grievous error by visiting

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