One of the best parts of planning our pop up restaurants is the research conducted during the run-up to the event. After spending a month reading historical biographies of some of our favorite Texans, and their favorite foods/recipes–one thing became clear; we had to narrow down the field or we were going to have a 30 course meal. Which is why we’re paying homage to the women folk for this event. The men can move to the back of the line for now; we’ll give them their moment in the sun in 2014.

In our beloved state’s culinary history no woman stands as tall as Helen Corbitt. While she was not a native to Texas, she lived here for nearly 40 years, and had such a transformative effect on our state’s cuisine that Texas Monthly crowned her “Tastemaker Of The Century”

Long term Austinites still speak in hallowed terms of Ms. Corbitt’s time spent in Austin. We’d give anything to have a time machine to travel back to the University Tea House, near Dean Keeton and San Jack where Ms Corbitt first began plying her craft in the Republic.

But we’re turning our attention to Corbitt’s tenure at Neiman Marcus’ Zodiac Room in Dallas for the purposes of our event. This is where the good cook began putting out tureens of what many gastronomes claim is the finest Chicken Tortilla Soup in all of Texas.

Ms. Corbitt passed in 1978, long before many of our pop up food party–goers were even born. We could not be more excited to turn a new generation of Texas eaters on to the cuisine of this crucial figure in our state’s culinary history.

It’s something we take extremely seriously.

Come on out on Saturday November 16th 2013 to Tamale House East for our food party.


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