It’s not a foot race, it’s a marathon. These days, if you hope to keep your finger on the pulse of Texas’ craft beer scene, here’s hoping you’re wearing a boxing glove. We’re moving at a breakneck pace with new breweries opening up on a weekly basis.

It’s our version of a Prague Spring; let a thousand beer-y blossoms bloom y’all.

But we’ve got some work to do. According to The Street, the publication dedicated to documenting the goings-on of Wall Street and high finance, Texas is only 9th when it comes to rate of consumption, ranking the USA state by state. We can do better.

In the article, writer Jason Notte defines Texas consumption statistics thusly: We consume 34.4 gallons per resident; that’s compared to the national average of 28.2 gallons. Bear in mind these statistics reflect ALL beer consumption, not just the good stuff.

For each brewery in Texas there are 292,390 humans queued up to suckle from their bright tanks. Take from that what you will, but we feel like that means there is still room for explosive growth.

Then there’s pesky Nebraska, that’s the state that’s lodged in the number 8 spot. Not known for many things other than extremely polite citizens and outstanding beef, we feel like by this time next year, Texas will easily vault past the Cornhusker nation.

How many craft breweries are there in Texas? According to the article we have 86 breweries in the Great State.

That’s a question we field on a startlingly regular basis. While Dallas, Lubbock, Houston and other not-Austin parts of the state are beginning to do their part-it’s Central Texas where the magic is happening.

Long time stalwarts like Live Oak continue putting out painstaking takes on classic beers while upstarts like Lone Pint shoot for the stars and hit them with their outrageously hopped ales.

Meanwhile brewpubs like the staggeringly excellent ABGB soldier on down brand new paths that have never been trod upon hereabouts.

Prague Spring…Texas-style

the article

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