Vaguely depressing but vegetarians, though misguided, walk among us and we’re certain that some of them are good people.

This Sunday we’ll be breathing in charred hog smoke at Wine and Swine, the best food party Austin throws all year long, while down the road apiece, Texas’ vegetarian nation will gather at Whole Foods to eat chili-like bowls of food from a long list of competitors.

The Lone Star Veggie Chili Championship is in its 25th year and touts itself as being the longest running veggie chili championship in the USA. Meanwhile, the best ballerina in Galveston is lacing up her toe shoes as we speak.

All chilis are vegan, no animal adulterants are allowed in the competitors chili pots.

Meat “analogs” like tofu and seitan are welcome to be cooked and eaten.

4301 West William Cannon


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