While legendary Texan Zephyr Wright is most famous for her chili recipe, it’s her pecan pie formula that we’ll be tackling for our 13th pop up restaurant event at Tamale House East.

But who was Zephyr Wright? When we began developing a menu based on recipes from famous Texans, Ms Wright was at the top of our wish list. In the canon of Texas chefs, the Marshall native brought glory to the White House kitchen during LBJ’s tenure; not just for her cooking but for her inspiring of LBJ in his passage of the Civil Rights Act in 1964. Wright began working for the Johnson family back in 1942 when she was attending Wiley College in East Texas. Twenty plus years later she was still in the family’s employ as LBJ signed the historic act, and was instrumental in its passage due to her close relationship with the president.

When Johnson had instructed Wright to prepare herself to journey to Austin from DC via automobile, Wright refused because doing so would’ve meant decent food, bathrooms and lodging would’ve been in short supply due to Jim Crow laws of the era. When Johnson signed the bill he gave the pen to Wright saying “You deserve this more than anybody else.”

Treat yourself to a fat slab of Zephyr Wright’s pecan pie at the Scrumptious Chef Pop Up restaurant event at Tamale House East Sat Nov 16th 2013 at 7pm.

reserve a seat https://www.eventbrite.com/event/8903844639?ref=estw

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