2013 marks the first year we missed the monster barbecue cook off in Meridian, Texas in a solid coon’s age. Work duties beckoned so we had to sit this one out.

Bosque County Texas comes alive each Fall as the best barbecue teams from across the Southwest all gather as one in the Bosque Bottoms fairgrounds. If it weren’t for the Brady Goat cook off, Meridian’s event would be our favorite out of the dozen or so championships we attend each year.

This year, after the dust settled, and with 20k on the line, Angie Pruett, the Grillin’ Granny, had walked away with the grand prize. Pruett, a Granbury, Texas resident, has been on the circuit since 2003 and has won numerous titles along with her husband Gene.

Other winners:

Brisket: Joe Kaska, Smokin Joe’s

Pork ribs: John Morgan, Ain’t Got a Clue BBQ

Chicken: Brian Maness, J& B Cookers

last year’s tale http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/2012/10/30/Austin-Daily-Photo-2012-Results-National-Championship-Barbecue-CookOff-In-Meridian-Texas

photo credit Lone Star Barbecue Society

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