It’s going to be a sausage eating marathon down in New Braunfels.

Wurstfest begins this Friday November 1st and carries on until the following Sunday November 10th.

We’ll be sitting this one out. While our blood stream largely consists of beer and Texas hot guts sausage, we’re left unmoved by long lines and drunken tourists chicken dancing to polka bands.

While the accordion is one of our all time favorite instruments, we prefer the sounds of Nathan Abshire (Acadiana) to the more staccato renderings of the German style that will fill Landa Park for ten days.

After spending a half hour on the festival’s website trying to figure out what brands of beer will be served we left with the question unsolved. We did manage to harvest this nugget though “stock up on greenbacks!”

We imagine this will be a Real Ale and Lone Pint free event and what beer will be offered will command a princely sum…as is the case at most festivals.

Buy a ticket, have fun, and please report back

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