This should be fun. For our thirteenth pop up restaurant event we’re tackling the foodways of famous Texans. First out of the gate, we visit the kitchen of Governor Ma Ferguson (after carefully considering roasting a buffalo like Governor Pappy O’Daniel did back in the 40’s, we snapped back to reality.) Love her or hate her, and there are plenty people in both camps, Ma Ferguson left an indelible stamp on Texas politics. Born just up the road from Austin in Bell County, Texas, Ferguson was the first woman elected to the governor’s office in the Great State; this coming hard on the heels of her husband’s dust up with the University of Texas which resulted in his being banned from holding elected office in the Republic.

Ma stepped into the breech, and handily defeated former UT law dean George C. Butte. Bear in mind this all took place in 1924 when women’s roles in society were largely confined to child rearing and cooking.

And could she cook! We’ll be trotting out a giant kettle of Ferguson’s chili at our food party and could not be more excited. Hope to see y’all out on Saturday November 16th 2013 at Tamale House East.

Watch this space over the next 2 weeks as we announce our other dishes from famous Texans, including a Texas ex-pat who is considered one of the foremost authorities on the foodways of our beloved state.

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