The deal is that it is passable cue. In a pre-Franklin’s Austin it could be worthy of a visit.

The brisket was moist and had decent flavor although I would have preferred a heavier hand with the salt and pepper rub. Ribs were a good effort but the pulled pork wasn’t pulled at all as it was sliced and served like brisket. I wonder if the cooks lost something in translation. They haven’t started with sausage yet but the will be making their own. When quizzed they said it would be pork-based and like andouille.

Sides were pintos, potato salad, and cheesy squash. The beans were good and the squash, although non-traditional, was very tasty. Their potato salad offering was of the mustard-based variety but not as dry as something like Salt Lick.

They’re using an electric smoker located in a tiny kitchen in the back of the place. Meat is sourced from the US and shipped over frozen.


Field report filed from Antonio Baba, an op we currently have on the ground in HK.

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