ABGB is killing it in South Austin. Without TVs. Nothing quells the vibe quicker than a television blathering on in the background while the grown-ups are trying to get drunk.

ABGB is sans TV.

This Saturday, October 19th 2013, ABGB is holding Fermentation Fest #1. We gathered the info for the event from the redoubtable Shaggybevo website this morning: the ABGB Fest Bier on tap

A Pig Roast

Argus Cidery Pourings

Special Wine Tastings

A Dunking/Fermenting Booth!

Buddha’s Brew Kombucha!

Oompah Shenanigans

Oh Kimchi Austin

Housemade Sauerkraut

Cheese Pairings

Brats, Brats, & Brats via Smokey Denmark’s Smoked Meats

Freshly Fermented Veggies from Oh Kimchi Austin

The Austin Polka Band

Square Dancing

A Cakewalk!

Wish we could’ve gotten a proper heads up so we could’ve hit the commissary kitchen to bang out a mammoth batch of Texas hot guts for the party.

2pm start.

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