Slowly but surely the pop up restaurant phenomenon that has gripped New Orleans, San Francisco and other forward eating communities across the USA is beginning to take hold in Austin, Texas.

This weekend; Saturday October 19th 2013, Tamale House East is hosting a modern Greek food party from the people at Double Doors.

We have no earthly idea what Double Doors is but let’s hope they know what the Hell they’re doing ’cause Greek cuisine is sacrosanct at the Scrumptious Chef house.

The menu for the event: Prix Fixe – $25 Mezze plate: 3 traditional dips from Santorini served with regional olive oil, sundried tomato and pita:

1) Fava – A hummus like dip made from Greek fava beans, olive oil and garlic.

2) Taramasalata

3) Melitzanosalata

Starter: Lamb meatballs(2) – served with spicy tomato sauce, greek yogurt and mint.

Entrée options:

Vegetable Moussaka

Pork Chop

Chicken Breast

Dessert: Greek yogurt – Thick yogurt topped with grilled red grapes, oranges, rosemary honey and pistachios.



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