It’s hard to believe it was 9 years ago that I first met Rob and Amy Cartwright of Independence Brewing. They were making their way around Austin trying to coax bars and restaurants into giving them some space on their tap walls for their start up micro-brewery.

That’s a hard way to make a buck. Each tap handle represents tens of thousands of dollars in revenue for the brewery it represents; getting control of one is like beating Manny “The Bull” Fernandez in a lights out match in Lubbock.

It ain’t easy.

9 years later, Independence is one of the top breweries in the Great State, and every bar in Austin has at least one of their beers if not their full line-up. To bolster their position in the hierarchy of central Texas craft beer, the Cartwrights went headhunting last year, and brought in Todd Henry, x-Lovejoys, one of the top young gun brewers in the Southwest.

Quality uptick engaged.

This Saturday October 12th 2013 Independence is throwing a big, beer soaked celebration at their brewhouse down in southeast Austin. The details

Hope to see y’all there.

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