Blown away.

We tend to avoid beer festivals due to their propensity for becoming debacles but the Texas Craft Brewers Fest is run by pros and features 90% of the best Texas craft brewers in the Great State (no Big Bend this year.) Attendance was mandatory.

After a shaky start (got the death stare from some guy working the back gate when we inquired as to where the entrance was) we made our way inside clutching a strip of tickets that would ensure a good state of drunkenness prior to beginning our work day.

Once inside, we bolted straight to the Lone Pint booth. For the uninitiated; Lone Pint is in the number one spot of our short list of nano-breweries in Central Texas. The Yellow Rose is our favorite beer being produced nowadays, and we were rightly chuffed to see it on the list of brews the Magnolia-based beer company was pouring. After a good half hour of chewing the fat with their head brewer Trevor Brown (the David Lee Roth of Texas brewers) we meandered over to Community, the Dallas company that keeps bringing home major hardware from USA beer festivals.

Community’s Pale Mosaic IPA was flowing like Texas branch water, and it quickly became apparent that these guys are seriously missing out by not trundling their kegs down to Austin. If you want to get big you got to play in Austin. We are the epicenter for craft beer in Texas.

The rest of the day turned into a blur of beers from Saint Arnold (longest lines of the festival) 512 (who were the most generous with their pours) Real Ale (straight from the pitcher of master brewer Erik Ogershok) and No Label, the young upstarts out of Katy. will probably have a brilliant recap with lots of strong beer language delineating the best beers of the party, but we’re simple folks who like working with our hands so we made our way to the Salt and Time booth to power through a massive sausage hoagie and called it a day.

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