Prepared Korean foods kingpin Chung Jung One teamed up with Star Chefs over the weekend to throw a big barbecue competition in New York City.

Texas was well represented at this International Chefs Congress event with the Carillon team of Chris Andrews, Plinio Sandalio, Brad Turner and Josh Watkins leading the Texas charge. Killen’s Barbecue over in Houston (Ronnie Killen, Teddy Lopez, Ben Rabbani and Randy Rucker) made the trip too. Killen’s is getting rave reviews these days but that may have more to do with Houston being a smoked meat wasteland than anything else.

Maybe Houston will finally earn a spot on the Texas barbecue map?

Jason Dady from San Antonio also brought a meat team to the party.

Last Fall, at Austin Food and Wine Alliance’s Wine and Swine, we were moved to tears by a rack of pork ribs hot off the smoker of Josh Watkins. He could hang a shingle up in Lockhart or Taylor and immediately serve notice to the old school barbecue joints in each town.

So we were not surprised when we heard that he won the championship at this event.

In a Youtube video posted last night Watkins explains barbecue “What is barbecue….it’s an awesome piece of meat…that has great bark…awesome fat…what it’s all about…sweet, sour, salty, bitter, umami…flavor balance….that’s cooking 101…if you can apply that to barbecue, which hasn’t been done before, you’re going to win”

Maybe in 30 or 40 years a wizened, stooped chef Watkins will be plying his smoked meat trade in an old cinderblock building up around Granger? We can hardly wait.

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