Take a break from buying corn cob dolls and air brushed t-shirts at the Pecan Street Festival tomorrow and head on over to Hops n Grain Craft Brewery for Drew Thornley’s Gettin’ Sauced Barbecue party.

Ten bucks will get you a meat sampling from: BigDawg Foods (Georgetown, TX)

Black’s (Lockhart, TX)

Cowboy Joe’s BBQ Co. (Austin, TX)

Freedmen’s (Austin, TX)

Louie Mueller (Taylor, TX)

Mad Jack’s BBQ Shack (Lockhart, TX)

Opie’s (Spicewood, TX)

Schoepf’s Old Time Pit Bar-B-Que (Belton, TX)

Scotty’s BBQ (Austin, TX)

Stellar Gourmet Foods (Austin, TX)

The Holy Smokers (Austin, TX)

Uncle Bob’s Sauces (Montgomery, TX)

If barbecue is not your thing you can also score tamales from Tamale House East, an old school Tex Mex restaurant with roots running all the way back to the Austin of 1958!

Obviously Hops n Grain will have their beer taps flowing with some of the best craft beer Central Texas has ever drunk.

We’re otherwise obligated but this sounds like a great meat party.

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