Last week’s 2013 Association of Food Journalists Awards went down out in Utah, and Texas food writers and publications brought home the hardware. Leading the charge was Karen Haram down in San Antonio.

In spite of our infrequent visits to the city, we still read her San Antonio Express on a daily basis.

It does not disappoint with loads of fresh content posted on a seemingly hourly basis. Plenty restaurant reviews both short and long, and reams of community food news with interviews with chefs, owners, bartenders, line cooks and folks tangentially related to eating well in the Alamo City. San Antonio is the finest town in the US for Mexican food and you haven’t lived til you’ve went on a taco crawl on the south and west ends of the city. San Antonio Express regularly visits the tiny taco parlors that dot the landscape of these neighborhoods.

In Houston Greg Morago of the Houston Chronicle rode the smoked meat wave with his “Barbecue Nerds” feature where he expertly broke down the renaissance we’re currently experiencing. It’s a longread that’s well worth seeking out.

Katherine Shilcutt won our “best food writer in Texas” ( award last year. She left the Houston Press for Houstonia but not before authoring “Chef Endures Cancer, Loss of Sense and Taste” an excellent longform piece on Chef David Guerrero of Alma Ceviche.

all Texas winners:

Best Newspaper Food Coverage (below 200,000 circulation)

FIRST: San Antonio Express-News, Karen Haram, Food Editor

Best Newspaper Food Feature (above 220,000 circulation)

THIRD: Greg Morago, The Houston Chronicle, “Barbecue Nerds”

Best Newspaper Food Feature (below 125,000 circulation)

THIRD: Katharine Shilcutt, Houston Press, “Chef Endures Cancer, Loss of Sense and Taste”

Best Food Visual

FIRST: James Nielsen, The Houston Chronicle, “The Great State of Barbecue”

SECOND: Joaquin Herrera, The San Antonio Express-News, “S.A. Food Savvy?”

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