The Meat Science Department at Texas A&M is offering a 2 day workshop on sausage making the weekend of October 11-12 2013.

We’ve had our hands deep in pig guts for a few years now and the learning curve is finally starting to level off.

While our early work was certainly delicious, it took dozens of test runs to pick up the tricks of the trade that make handmade sausage inestimably more delicious than even the finest commercial grades. Basic rule of thumb: whatever you think the appropriate amount of seasoning is-double it. If you reckon a quarter cup of cayenne is plenty-double it. If 2 tablespoons of salt seems fine-double it. Right down the line. Loose meat “drinks” seasonings. This was one of our early lessons, and once we mastered seasoning the protein, the game got a whole lot easier.

This past weekend we made our first batch of Oaxacan-style sausages and were feeling like proud papas when they were one of the first things that sold out at our pop up restaurant event.

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