The byzantine financial wranglings of the University of Texas and the McCombs School of Business in their purchase of Players on MLK is almost indecipherable.

Of course we’re simple folks who like working with our hands, so we often level a “dog staring at a physics book” gaze at such things. In short: the McCombs School of Business Foundation purchased the restaurant/property for $3 million +a lease worth $1million (10 years at a $100k per annum.)

The University of Texas then bought the restaurant/property from McCombs for $1.5 million plus the value of the lease.

Usually when this kind of money is moved about in the University system, Mack Brown is involved but as near as we can tell he was not involved in the deal.

How are the burgers at Players? Delicious, after a fashion. They’re the broad, thin patty style, served on a white flour bun and garnished, as God intended, with mayo, onions and mustard.

At least that’s how our crew eats a burger at Players.

The fries are the freezer bag variety, they are not delicious but at least they give you a lot of them.

Players could be around for many more years or Players could shutter next week. Such is the way of the modern Austin.

But we’re celebrating National Cheeseburger Day by giving the ol girl one last visit today.

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