The team behind Vitek’s Barbecue are putting out some pure comedy gold with a press release offering details on their plans of expansion.

Bill Barnes is the president of Vitek’s BBQ Franchise LLC and he pulls no punches when laying out the company’s plans, offering; “we’re leveraging our successful 98 years in business and combining it with a franchising model that utilizes best practices in the restaurant industry to position us for growth and put a franchise in every corner of the earth–even Poland.” Even Poland. Cause Poland is still funny…after all these years.


But the comedy doesn’t stop there. Current owner Julie Keith has this to say; “Almost 100 years ago, my great-grandfather established a legacy of serving damn-fine barbecue to customers in manner so friendly you’d think we’re dating.”


Liberty Development Consulting is in charge of the world-wide roll out. They’ve had previous success with Jiffy Lube, Interstate Batteries, and Shell Oil Company

Barbecue=Product. What could go wrong? Dickies out of Dallas treats their food in this manner.

A Liberty spokesman says that “special consideration will be given to any applicant who meets the minimum financial requirements, a background in foodservice operations and a realistic hairpiece.”

Waka waka waka.

How’s Vitek’s Barbecue? Daniel Vaughn’s review right this way

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