I contacted Austin Culturemap via Twitter this morning to point out an article they’d written where they claimed that Hoover’s Cooking was “RIP” was inaccurate. I checked a few hours later and they failed to amend their error so I contacted Hoover’s to get their take. Here’s my conversation: “May I speak to a manager”

“Sure, who’s calling”


“Uh, ok, I’ll get him”

“This is Joaquin”

“I’m calling to confirm that y’all have closed your business”


“Austin Culturemap is reporting that Hoover’s is RIP, rest in peace, shuttered, closed”

(laughs) “No, we are not, we’re steady business is good.”

“Yeah, I thought y’all were open, I filled up my Econoline across the street from there yesterday and y’all looked busy.”

“Maybe they confused us with the one on Research?”

“Maybe, but that one’s been closed for ages and the article was written about businesses on Manor Road”

“I don’t know”

“So the Culturemap article is false, erroneous and wrong”


“Thanks Joaquin.”

Maybe the editors over at Austin Culturemap are too busy banging out articles on “hot fall fashion trends” or lol cats, I’m not sure, but reporting that a long term Austin restaurant is closed then failing to correct the error when it’s pointed out to them is shameful.

Get your facts straight Culturemap.

pic of Hoover Alexander http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/2012/10/2/Austin-Daily-Photo-Hoover-Alexander?adminview=true

edit: 9/17/13 Culturemap has removed the RIP from their article

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